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With Banorte Móvil you can execute bank transactions in just five steps, 24 hours a day, anywhere you need. You cancheck your balance, place a transfer to other accounts, pay utilities, locate branches, banking through agents, and execute many other transactions.

Enjoy all the benefits of Banorte Móvil. Ask for your free Token Celular (i.e. soft token) and configure Pago Móvil, so you can pay safely in all national e-commerces with your credit or debit card without sharing the real data of your cards, avoiding the risk of having your card cloned or shared. With Pago Móvil, debit cards make their entrance into e-commerce.

If you ever forget your debit card and need cash, you can create a reference in your cellphone using Banorte Móvil, so you can make a withdrawal easily and safely.

Getting your Banorte Móvil app is very easy. If you already are a user of Banorte por Internet - BxI (i.e. online banking), download the app and login using your BxI credentials. If you are not a user, download the app, visit a Banorte ATM and request the service. Else, you can visit a branch and request the BxI service with Token Celular.

To know about more transactions you can perform using Banorte Móvil Token Celular and Pago Móvil, visit

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With the latest version of Banorte Móvil you can:

• Simplify the payment of referenced taxes and pay using your cellphone.
• Place and receive wire transfers to Banorte accounts without entering the account number. You only have to scan or show the new QR code.
• Place and receive wire transfers from other banks with your cellphone (your cellphone number is now your bank account number).
• Consult the reference number of cash withdrawals without card through push notifications.
• Share the confirmation of a successful transaction to any of your contacts using Whatsapp.